Express Commercial On-Site Services

Express On-Site is Your One-Stop Auto Body Shop for Large Vehicle and Boat Repairs in DeLand

If your heavy equipment, including large vehicles and boats, has sustained damage in DeLand, we are the best auto body shop to restore your vehicle.  We have one of the largest and most modern repair facilities in the area. Our highly trained and skilled specialists work like artists to craft repairs that exceed customer expectations.   

When a vehicle arrives at the auto body shop we provide an accurate written estimate detailing the work involved to restore the vehicle.  All work is completed on site in our facility. Depending on the work involved, the vehicle will move through a variety of departments like painting, welding and fabrication, where technicians using advanced technology and equipment perform the repairs.

We are a complete on site auto body shop providing DeLand area vehicle owners with one-stop painting, repair and restoration for tow trucks, school buses and other types of large vehicles and heavy equipment including boats. Contact us at (386) 804-2160 for a free estimate today!